CISMA offers:

  • monitoring services,
  • quantitave and qualitative data analysis

Meteorological monitoring

Measurements with weather station:

  •  wind speed and direction
  • air temperature
  • air humidity
  • solar radiation
  • atmospheric pressure

Purposes and uses:

  • meteorological monitoring campaign
  • micro meteorological characterization
  • measurement campaigns aimed at improving customized weather forecasts

 Air quality monitoring

CISMA provides the following monitoring services:


  • particulate matter (PM) measurements using portable instrument with determination of the particle size
      distribution (PM0.3 – PM20)
  • measurement of particulate matters with the mobile system “MASS”, to be installed on a vehicle for the determination of the pollution spatial pattern
  •  quantitative monitoring of landfill gas emission using flux-box
  •  air quality monitoring campaign using passive samplers


Water monitoring

Sonde multiparametriche per misure in corsi d'acqua

  • water discharge, bed load and suspended load
  • water velocity
  • water temperature
  • water salinity
  • water turbulence
  • dissolved oxygen in watebodies