Meteorological applications

  • estimation of the resource availability and intensity
  • selection of suitable sites
  • lowering the cost of wind measurement campaigns

The forecasts are based on the WRF model and are suitable for energy applications. Further downscaling, up to hundreds of meters is performed by applying the CALMET model, providing meteorological data with resolution up to 500 m, with the following features:

  • small-scale simulations (500 m grid)
  • significant geophysical variables and radiative forcing
  • forecasts up to 48 hours with customized outputs (for ex. hour-by-hour data)
  • wind field at different heights above the terrain (from 1 0 to 200 m)
  • top-down approach for large-scale data
  • bottom-up approach for surface weather observations
  • historical weather data analysis
  • application to wind, solar and hydro-power

Some examples of the forecast results:


Numerical data