•  1 D, 2D and 3D modelling of rivers, channels and lakes3d-4
  • analysis of erosion and deposition processes in rivers and channels
  • analysis of flood events
  • analysis of the ecosystem carrying capacity
  • modelling dispersion processes and pollutant concentration in water-bodies
  • environmental impact assessment of industrial wastewater
  • water balance at basin scale in accordance to the WFD


We provide hydraulic and hydrological modelling of natural phenomena, predictions of future scenarios and planning of protection structures. The results are obtained with customized versions of BASEMENT, Gerris, BASILISK, HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS.

Application fields:

  •  1 D, 2D and 3D modelling of rivers and channels (steady and unsteady)
  •  analysis of erosion and deposition processes by applying mobile bed hydrodynamic models
  • calculation of flooding levels and flood risk mapping

Design and Planning


  • planning of restoration measures
  • design of hydraulic protection structures
  • design of water intake structures
  • design of suitable solutions to improve the ecological conditions of water bodies