CISMA was founded in 2005 and is working in the field of Environmental Engineering.

CISMA main focus

  • environmental impact assessment, air and water quality assessment
  • hydrogeological risk assessment
  • evaluation of the dispersion of pollutants in water bodies and in the atmosphere
  • designing and planning activities
  • data acquisition, validation, processing, environmental data provision


  • meteorological and climate data (degree days) provisioning
  • feasibility studies for alternative energy plants (hydropower, biomass, solar power, wind power)
  • energy performance certification of buildings
  • modelling the thermodynamic of chemical processes (gasification, pyrolysis)


  • particulate matter sampling, air pollution monitoring (fixed and mobile instrumentation)
  • emission inventory
  • weather forecasts at local and large spatial scale


  • hydrological, hydraulic and erosion processes-modelling
  • hydraulic and environmental compatibility assessments
  • management and control plans (civil protection plan, water supply management plan)
  • water discharge measurements, bed load estimation and monitoring, evaluation of rating curves for gauging stations
  • design of hydropower plants and gauging stations


  • waste management


  • databases, maps
  • numerical modelling of environmental processes
  • spatial data management and GIS modelling